Wright Patterson Air Force Base, the nerve center of Air Force innovation, selects CSU student Michael Eggleston to receive rigorous training and full-time employment

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, located near Dayton, Ohio is the home of the National Air and Space Intelligence Center, which generates information about overseas aerospace developments potentially driving U.S. military requirements. With U.S. National Security Strategy shifting from an emphasis on counter-terrorism to great-power competition (think Russia and China), both the intelligence and weapons activities at Wright-Patt are demanding highly educated and trainable personnel. CSU student Michael Eggleston has demonstrated these traits through working a rigorous internship and earning an offer of full time Wright-Patt employment upon graduation May 2020.

The Central State University Foundation is proud of Michael!

We are also thankful to you for your generous support of the Dream Keepers Campaign. Two years ago, Michael, like many of our students, was faced with the critical decision of dropping out of school and working (full time) to raise money to cover school expenses. Unfortunately, many of these students do not return, thus ending their dream of earning a Central State University degree. We did not lose Michael because your gift coupled with many, many others built a financial bridge to keep him in school. Dream Keepers Scholarships made the difference for Michael.

Together we need to continue to raise Dream Keepers Scholarship dollars to help more students like Michael Eggleston. Can we count on you to provide the additional dollars needed?

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Dr. Veronica R. Watkins
Executive Director