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What is the Central State University Foundation?

The Central State University Foundation, an official 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is authorized by the IRS to receive, invest, manage, and dispose of gifts, bequests, art, cash and securities, and other contributions in accordance with the educational objectives of the University and the expressed wishes and desires of the donors.

Why are CSU and CSUF separate institutions?

State university-related Foundations were established to give public universities a way to supplement state appropriations through raising private dollars. Such Foundations are required to operate independently, be managed by a separate Board of Trustees, governed by board-approved by-laws, policies and procedures. The Central State University Foundation, like The Ohio State University Foundation, was so founded. Put simply CSU and CSUF must operate separately by state and federal statue and regulation.

From the CSU perspective raised private dollars give flexibility in how the university can meet the objectives listed in the State mandated long-range plan. These objectives  – increased enrollment, student retention and graduation rates, new academic programming, construction of new/renovation of existing facilities, et. al.- has costs not necessarily supported by state funds.

From a CSU Foundation’s perspective its mission focuses on the support and enhancement of the University’s fiscal health. The ability of the Foundation to seek and receive philanthropic gifts is dependent upon its continuing recognition as a tax-exempt organization by the IRS. This allows for:

  1. The exemption of all gifts received from federal income tax.
  2. The deductibility, for general income, gift, and estate tax purposes, of contributions by donors to the University.

A Foundation must protect its status by abiding by all relevant laws and regulations. Person’s using the Foundation’s tax-exempt status must receive written permission from the Foundation’s Board of Trustees. With great emphasis, it should be noted state universities do not have the authority to provide (1) and (2) to its publics. Again that is why Foundations were established.

Why should I give to CSUF?

Central State University Foundation is tasked with raising private dollars on behalf of Central State University. As an alumnus you have a vested interest in the well being of your Alma Mater. The value of your degree goes up and down depending on what the university does, how it is portrayed in the news, and how it improves throughout the years. One way that you can influence the successes of Central State University is by giving back.

Whether you realize it or not, you did benefit from the generosity of others while you attended Central State University. Construction of new residence halls, establishment of the robotics and stock trading laboratories, improved computing and other campus technology, restoration of Marauder football and cultural programming are just a few of the areas that were made possible through private support.

You, your roommate, fraternity brother or sorority sister received a scholarship from the CSUF which made graduation possible. 95% of CSU students require a scholarship or a grant to help defray college expenses. Since 2001 the CSUF has awarded an average of $225,000 per year in scholarships. These funds were derived from fellow alumni and friends of the university.

The funds you donate today will help future generations of Centralians.

Will I receive recognition for giving?

Yes, the CSU Foundation has several donor recognition programs to honor donors. The most notable is the annual black tie gala “a Night for Philanthropy” where alumni are honored for long term giving to the Alma Mater. In addition, alumni are inducted into giving societies, including the prestigious 1887 Legacy Society for planned giving.

Where exactly do my contributions go?

All contributions are made through the CSUF. If you choose to designate your gift, it will be used in the area that you specify. If you give unrestricted contributions, the money will be used to fulfill the most crucial needs of the University. Each year, CSUF sends out an Annual Report to its donors, which lists the names of all contributors and describes the specific allocation of funds.

Are there giving programs for people who are not CSU alumni?

Yes, friends of the University and parents of current and past students are encouraged to contribute.

What is the CSUF's fiscal year?

Contributions are counted within the Foundation’s fiscal year, which runs from July 1 to June 30.

What is a matching gift company, and how do I find out if I work for one?

Matching gifts are, in essence, “free” money for CSU. Matching gift companies match charitable contributions made by their employees. The ratio could be a 1:1 (dollar for dollar) match or could be as high as 3:1. This allows you to double, triple, your gift. To find out if your company matches gifts please contact your human resources office. They should have all of the information you need in order to utilize this program.

Why are sustaining gifts important to the Central State University Foundation?

Sustaining giving. Recurring giving. Monthly giving. The name of such giving really does not matter. What matters is that you understand that it is essential to the well being of the Foundation’s mission- support Central State University. In the sustained giving model, donors contribute to the Foundation on an annual basis. These gifted dollars are typically not designated for a particular program or organizational goal. Instead, the funds are considered unrestricted revenue. Being inducted into the Sustaining Philanthropists Society recognizes sustained donors during the Black Tie event “a Night for Philanthropy”.


What is an endowment?
An endowment is a long-term investment in Central State University that provides benefits to students, faculty and programs year after year, generation after generation. An endowment is made up of gifts (including will bequests) that are subject to a donor requirement that corpus be maintained and invested to create a stream of income, with a portion of the average investment earnings expended to carry out the specified purpose of the endowment.
Why are endowments important to Central State University?
An endowment creates financial stability, allowing CSU to be less dependent on unpredictable sources of revenue, such as state appropriations. Income from endowments fund a rich variety of activities such as scholarships and fellowships for talented students, support for distinguished and dedicated faculty members through professorships and chairs, support for research, support for the libraries, or support for other programs.
How can an endowment be established at CSUF?
The Foundation staff will work with you on establishing the specifics of your endowment. The first step is simply complete the Central State University Foundation Endowment Gift Agreement Form indicating your interest in establishing an endowment.
Can an endowment be designated for a specific purpose?
Absolutely! As with any gift to the Central State University Foundation an endowed gift offers alumni and friends the opportunity to have their names, or the name of a loved one, linked to an area of the University in which they have a special interest.
What is the minimum amount for establishment of an endowment? What is BTE?
The Central State University Foundation‘s minimum to fund an endowment is $15,000. You can initiate an endowment with a gift of $1000 through using the Foundation’s BTE. A BTE is a fund that is Building To Endowment minimum. BTE’s are allowed a five-year period to achieve the minimum required level of $15,000. Spending is not permitted from BTE funds until the minimum endowment level is reached.