Happy 100th Birthday, Dr. Ames W. Chapman

Brother Ames W. Chapman, Ph.D. will celebrate his 100th birthday, December 7, 2019. Let’s join the celebration.

Professor Chapman has lived an extraordinary, high achieving life. A World War II veteran, he is a proud Southern University graduate with advanced degrees from University of Pennsylvania (Masters) and Ohio State University (Doctorate). Dr. Chapman is a retired Central State University sociology professor. He was a dedicated professor and mentored students for many years; twenty-eight former students in his discipline later earned Ph.D. degrees. A dedicated Kappa Man, Dr. Chapman has been a strong Delta Alumni and Delta Zeta chapters supporter across the years. Brother Chapman, an Alpha Sigma 1941 initiate, has been in our grand Fraternity 78 plus years.

Please join us in wishing Dr. Chapman a very happy birthday!